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Flock & Feather

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     We carry a variety of feeds for your flock needs including starters, growers, and layers. Medicated and non-medicated options are available. We also carry brooder lamps and bulbs, Corrid, vitamins, Electrolytes, feeders, and waterers. We also offer a line of organic feeds, oyster shell, and grit.
      We do chick ordering in the months of March-June. Call to order.

Click HERE to visit the Purina Poultry Nutrition page.


A 18%-protein ration perfect for raising laying chicks from hatch to laying age (18-20 weeks).


A 20%-protein nutrient-rich ration that provides top starting, growing and finishing nutrition for a mixed flock of chickens, ducks and geese from hatch until laying age (18-20 weeks) and for turkeys from 8-10 weeks until laying age of 18-20 weeks.  


A 16%-protein high-calcium ration formulated for top-producing laying birds once they reach 18 weeks of age.

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Game Bird Starter, GB Layena, GB Flight Conditioner and Pheasant Starter

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Nature's Grown Organic
AG Partners Layer Mash
Oyster Shells