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      For our dairy customers, this means the same wonderful service that we have been offering since 1946. We have outstanding dairy consultants on staff that can help you with your calf, heifer, or dairy herd needs.  

      The Mercantile carries a wide variety of proteins, vitamins, mineral packs, and information for your high production dairy herd. Other feeds and supplements include starters, growers, milk replacers, electrolytes, propylene glycol, calcium tubes, colostrum supplements, scour supplements, Deccox, livestock markers, neck straps, halters, emasculator bands, bull rings, and more.

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Cornerstone® 28:20 and
Cornerstone® 22:20
Featuring The Architect® Formulation System




Calf Startena
A complete ration fortified with vitamins and minerals for feeding calves from day four through two months of age. (16 - 20% Protein)

Calf Growena
A palatable, calf grower fortified with extra vitamins and minerals for calves from three through six months of age. (16 - 20% protein)


*Patented combination of all-milk proteins, fat and complex carbohydrates

*These complex carbohydrates include psyllium and Inulin



Dairy Mineral
Free choice minerals provide an excellent insurance program for animals that have a higher mineral requirement or may be consuming less feed than required to meet nutritional needs. Dairy mineral products are fortified with selected major minerals and trace minerals. Product options include three different Ca:P ratio’s to meet all forage programs.

Dairy Suppl Mineral
A mix mineral that can be used to fortify dairy rations with major minerals, trace minerals and vitamins. Suppl Mineral products available with salt. Product options include eight different Ca:P ratio’s to meet all forage programs.

Insure Mineral
A unique highly palatable, pelleted mineral fortified with major, trace minerals and vitamins developed for top feeding. Available in six different product options to meet Ca:P ratio’s of different forage programs.



Maxi Balance® Plus features the new Amino Acide Advantage,  a highly digestible blend of proteins, including primarily milk proetin, vegetable protein, and functional protein sources. It is supplemented with a specific amino acid profile matching a 25% all-milk formula, and includes complex carbohydrate Beta glucan


Nurse Chow 100 &
An all milk protein milk replacer. (22% protein and 12% fat)

Hi-Energy Nurse Gro 100 Milk Replacer
A high energy all milk protein, milk replacer. (20% protein and 20% fat)

Other dairy products: 

  • Supple 3 SE/Supple 4 SE

Other calf products: 

  • Impact 44
  • Golden Dairy Steer 42  
  • Hutchbuster 18%

         Whether you have a large herd, a pet steer, or a 4-H show animal, we have your animals' nutritional needs covered. We offer such feeds as Show Chow, Impact, mineral blends, TM blocks, tubs, and more! Our staff wil be more than happy to help you choose the right feed to fit your needs or goals.