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Wild Bird

For those backyard birdwatchers, we carry suet cakes and bagged seed. With brand names like Bird's Favorite and Kaytee, we provide you with a variety of seed mixes. We also offer many items to attract our feathered friends. From feeders and houses, to baths and bat houses, we have it! We carry birdbaths, heated baths and de-icers, baffles, squirrel-proof feeders, roosting pockets, and more. We offer informative literature for attracting birds, as well as a wide variety of decorative hookery to hang your feeders and plants.



"The of the finest blends available on the market today! It has a higher percentage of sunflower seeds than most competitive blends, thus offers more energy to your feathered visitors. Perfect during the harsh winter season. This blend is attractive to large variety of birds."



"This high fat, high protein blend is a favorite for your backyard friends.  This rich mix will keep beautiful birds returning to your feeder year-round."




"An economical and appetizing mixture. Using quality ingredients, this variety blend is formulated to attract a wide array of birds to your backyard. If you're just beginning your bird feeding hobby, then this economical, high quality mix is perfect all year long!"



This mix provides over 8 different ingredients perfectly blended to guarantee a variety of beautiful birds to your backyard."


"Formulated to attract Cardinals, Evening Grosbeaks, Red-Breasted Grosbeaks, and more! With only the finest ingredients, your yard will be full of color and songs! Perfect for the bird enthusiast who would like to attract a more select variety of birds to their backyard."




"This is one of the best finch & small bird mixes on the market today.  With almost half of the mix being nyjer seed, this will be the backyard choice of finches and small birds in your neighborhood."